Burano island whitened by the snow

On the 1st March 2018, Burano island has been whitened by the snow, creating a fabulous color show.

I tried to give a title to some of the photos on this page. If you can understand which shots refer to the descriptions, it means that I have reached my goal: expressing a concept through a photograph.

Snow in a Burano's portico

It's incredible how the snow has been able to enter this narrow portico in Burano.

The girl playing on the snow

Walking over a bridge in Burano island, I saw this oriental girl laying and playing on the snow.
Fortunately I had my sony camera with me.

Walking under the leaning tower

A man walking on the snow, under the Burano's leaning tower, in front of the San Martino church.

Burano pigeons on the snow

A group of pigeons searching for bread crumps on a Burano's "campo", covered by the snow.

Two men in a mirror of snow

Zooming and calibrating my camera, I was searching for a convincing framing, when I saw this.
Only when I came back home I did realize that I had photographed two very similar men while they walked on two parallel streets.